Things 15 Year Old Me Never Thought I’d Have To Deal With As An Adult

  • Figuring out which wifi network to join.
  • Watching your parents age.
  • Learning your parents are people with lives before you, and personalities that might not always fit your definition of “right”
  • Thinking about what life will be like after your parents die.
  • Co-ops.
  • Remembering to empty¬†the recycling.
  • Dealing with people you love leaving you, and your feelings for them never being resolved.
  • Dealing with the fact that some people wake up at 80 at still aren’t happy and realize they’ve wasted all this time.
  • Remembering not to waste my time.
  • Scrambling for money.
  • Having to clean up someone’s puke with my hands at 12am because the bar back is busy and I spotted it first anyway.

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