Peer Review #1

We interrupt your regular scheduled programming to bring you a review of, a blog made by a classmate of mine.

Shiyun’s blog “Shlummin’ It” gives a good first impression. It has a clean, modern theme which is accompanied by a profile photo on the right sidebar. I love the title of the blog- “Shlummin’ It”, which is a play on words of her name. There’s also an “About Me” header on the sidebar but I wasn’t able to find any information giving details about the author of the blog.

The layout of the site is neatly organised. All the categories are titles at the start of her posts. For example, the title Thoughts precedes personal posts and the title Posiel – Process Post headers the posts for PUB 101. Unfortunately there are only two posts on the site; one process post and one personal. The process post is password protected which is a useful feature to have, but I wasn’t able to access it to review, while the personal post is well written and funny, but vague. It gives an idea of what the writer wants to change about their life in the new year along with some staples; get in shape, eat better, get better grades, etc. I can definitely identify with the author, but this opening post, while well written, doesn’t give me a solid sense of what to expect from the blog.

I would suggest a description about the overall theme of the blog be displayed below the title, just so visitors could get a quick idea about the content before diving in. An expanded “About Me” section would also help with this! I really like the voice in the intro post and how it gives us a little bit of personality on the authors behalf, and I’d like to see more of that. More posts to set up the blog and give an overall impression of what we can expect would help a lot.

I really like the inclusion of social media links in the theme, and I think those help give us information on the blogger where direct info on the site itself is lacking. The links are a great way to segway into an about me section and give us an extended view of what the blogger is like!

Over all I think the site is off to a great start. It’s very clean and well formatted, it just needs more content. I look forward to reading more posts on it in the future!

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