Peer Review #2

For my 2nd peer review I’ll be looking at the design aspects of Kaiya’s blogThe Wise Child.

On first arrival to the page, we see her title centred boldly on the screen. The caption, “In a world full of labels, where do I fit?” sits underneath and gives the viewer the impression that they’re entering a personal blog, with some elements of self reflection. Below the title are two images, one a classic painting, the other a dusty rose coloured stone. These images double as links to some of Kaiya’s posts which ad a beautiful element to her website and make her links more interesting. At the top of the website is a menu displaying an About Me section (with details about Kaiya and what she wants from the blog), a Behind the Scenes section (which details all the posiel posts and PUB 101 details) and and Aesthetic section, which link to a feed from her Tumblr account. The menu has the added effect of following you as you scroll so one doesn’t have to keep returning to the top of the screen in order to check out different posts.

Kaiya’s colour scheme of light pinks and creams gives a nice overall look to her website and I really like the addition of images to the headers and links of all her posts. It gives a visually compelling theme to make you want to read her posts further, and also hammers home the audience of the website, seemingly aimed towards women and reflecting Kaiya’s feminine personality. The images in her “Aesthetic” header help ad more of a feel towards her personality and are also matching the theme and design elements of her blog.

Over all Kaiya’s blog is beautifully laid out. If anything it would be nice to see more personal posts as well as Posiel ones to add to the theme, but from a design perspective the website is lovely.

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