Process Post: My Audience

I don’t believe that the fascinating world of dating in Vancouver is of limited interest to only women, but I do feel like my blog’s audience, as well as my target audience, are females. I’m writing about love and feelings and how my brain works. I identify with women and I believe they will identify with me more than men if they were to read my blog. I’m also designing my blog around more stereotypical “female” elements; the pink background, font and countdown photo which is of a sunset I took when I was in Vietnam! I want my blog to have a fun, straightforward, feminine feel. I really love minimalist layouts but I don’t feel they fit the theme of what I’m going for in my writing. Essentially I’m writing for smart, funny women who are a little bit lost in life. So people like me! Just kidding. Sort of.

The imagined audience has affected the way that I present my blog theme wise. If it was more of a personal blog I’d make it cleaner, maybe more of a minimal theme, and with more personal photos. Im toying with the idea of posting more photos but for not I’m keeping it girlier and still trying to hold up the dating theme instead of it slipping into more of a personal blog. Otherwise, my posts are essentially fragments of my personality and I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve come out so far. It’s just the design of the blog that I’m formatting for the audience.

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